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News & Events

Stay up to date with relevant news, conference and event participations, podcasts or webcasts and opinion pieces featuring members of Embera Partners.

DIRK Conference 2024

1 July 2024 | Meet the Embera Partners team at the annual DIRK conference in Frankfurt.

Press Release 5 June 2024

5 June 2024 | We are excited to expand our leadership group and advisory council. Read the press release here.

CIRA ESG Conference 2024

3 June 2024 | Meet the Embera Partners team at the upcoming CIRA ESG Conference, hosted by CIRA on 3 June

ESG-Tagung 2024

19 March 2024 | Meet our partners at the upcoming ESG-Tagung in Frankfurt starting on March 19th. Embera Partners will participate

AG-Hauptversammlung Update

29 February 2024 | Embera Partners participated in the yearly Business Circle “AGM update” to reflect on domestic and international AGM

An Update on MiKaDiv

28 February 2024 | Embera Partners joined an expert panel discussion, focusing on the upcoming MiKaDiV regulation in Germany, talking about