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Market Connect

As we aim to help demystify the capital markets landscape, one of our main goal remains to bring the industry together and to have experts share knowledge, provide insights, ideas and solutions to some of the complex challenges that our clients face today. That is why we launched our capital catalyst circle*, our market connect series where we bring the industry together.

Embera Partners will host market connect sessions throughout the year, in our offices, around events and conferences as well as sometimes virtually, to talk about pressing issues for our stakeholders.

For each of the market-connect sessions, we aim to bring together a diverse group of experts, sometimes with opposite views or opposite perspectives, in order to get a fuller picture of the problem, and corresponding solutions

Embera Partners will summarise the sessions and publish insights around the key topics. Feel free to also suggest topics or expert representatives that are of interest to you and the wider capital market stakeholders. If you like to participate in the market connect meetings, please also let us know under