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ESG-Tagung 2024

19 March 2024

Learning to walk on two legs

The Embera Partners team recently attended the Erste Group ESG Conference 2024. The event’s impressive lineup of speakers shared profound insights into sustainable development and the crucial transition towards more responsible business practices. Nicholas Pfaff from ICMA and Patrick de Cambourg from EFRAG delivered keynote speeches that were both inspiring and informative, highlighting the urgent need for sustainability in today’s corporate world and a need to „learn to walk on two legs“, pointing to the importance of integrated disclosure and forward looking „guidance“, both encompassing financial and extra-financial intelligence.

The panel discussions were comprehensive, covering the state of ESG transitions, critical industry sectors in the CEE region, and the role of the public sector in fostering sustainable growth. These sessions provided attendees with a thorough understanding of the current ESG landscape and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

One of the standout aspects of the conference was the practical workshops. These sessions were designed to equip participants with actionable strategies for integrating ESG principles into their business models. Topics such as defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for sustainability-linked bonds and effective climate risk reporting were particularly valuable, offering concrete steps for companies to enhance their ESG frameworks.

From a management and supervisory perspective, the conference emphasized the necessity of prioritizing ESG issues, which are also now backed by regulatory drivers, including risks and opportunities for executives. The discussions highlighted how strategic focus on sustainability can drive long-term value and resilience for businesses. The event fostered a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices among industry leaders, policymakers, and sustainability experts.

Overall, great event with a focus on emerging regions showcasing the importance of sustainable development but also provided a roadmap for organizations committed to making a positive impact. The insights gained and connections made during the conference will undoubtedly influence the ESG strategies of attendees, driving forward the sustainable transition in the CEE region.