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Climate Investment Summit, Istanbul 2024

7 May 2024

Sustainability Enablement: Equal focus on opportunity and risk

The Climate Investment Summit 2024 in Turkey was a landmark event, bringing together leading figures from various sectors to address the intersection of climate change and business. Embera Partners was represented by Managing Partner Andreas Posavac, who has years of experience in the Turkish capital market, pointing tot he need for proactivity of Turkish issuers outside oft he domestic market. The summit featured a series of panels and keynote speeches that underscored the critical importance of integrating climate considerations into corporate strategies for sustainable growth.

Among the key highlights were the introductory panel around regulation and the function of global stock exchanges, also in respect to sustainable transition, as well as the panel titled “Climate Means Business: Risks and Opportunities.” This session focused on how businesses can navigate the evolving climate landscape by understanding the inherent risks and capitalizing on new opportunities, both from a sustainability but also economical and financial perspective. Discussions revolved around the financial implications of climate risks, regulatory changes, and the increasing importance of sustainable investment practices.

Experts shared insights on how businesses can leverage green technologies and innovative solutions to not only mitigate risks but also drive profitability and competitive advantage. The panel emphasized the necessity for proactive measures in corporate governance and the strategic alignment of business operations with sustainability goals. One of the key points made by Andreas Posavac, was the need to equally focus on the opportunities, in addition to the risks and limitations. „We need to ensure entrepreneurs also understand the opportunity, which sparks creativity, innovation and often results in top-line growth, R&D and positive effects on employee retention and talent attraction. At the center is enablement and upskilling across any organisation, so that individuals understand their role in the sustainable transition“.

Well organized with a great speaker line-up focused on Turkey and Emerging Markets,  the Climate Investment Summit 2024 provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange, equipping participants with actionable strategies to integrate sustainability into their business models. The event highlighted the pressing need for collaboration across sectors to address the challenges posed by climate change and to unlock new avenues for sustainable economic development.

For more details, you can visit the Climate Investment Summit 2024 page.